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The original Shaw's R/C Track, laid out in 2011, was a mere 60' X 80'.  As more racers from the surrounding areas began attending, the track started to grow a little with each build. Then, by 2016 more than just a backyard track was needed, so Shaw's races were moved to a covered, partially enclosed horse arena near the Oklahoma/Texas border. This brought in even more Texas racers, and by the time that the track moved back to Ardmore, the camaraderie and family spirit was so strong with the racers that they all moved together.

​The track continued to grow with each build, and included a bigger drivers' stand, followed by a second drivers' stand with ramp access. Since the racers had become accustomed to longer race days with the help of track lighting, it wasn't long before multiple light poles were set up and the racing fun could continue on into the night.

​By 2020, the wooden drivers' stands weren't always spacious enough for the number of drivers in the larger races, and they were also showing signs of wear from their years of use. In late 2020, a retired refrigerated semi trailer was brought in for use as the foundation of the new drivers' stand and Race Director's booth. Many of the racers pitched in for this special build and it brought the Shaw's community even closer together.

​It seems that 'bigger and better' are always part of the plan at Shaw's and the track sees continuous improvements. More recent additions to the track include a crawler course, and indoor (climate controlled) pit stalls, with a dirt oval track in the beginning stages.

To be continued . . .

Our History in Pictures

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