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What started as a way to have replacement parts locally

- and save a 100 mile trip to the nearest R/C hobby shop - has grown into something with a life all it's own!

​From very modest beginnings in January 2012, with a couple racks in the corner of a computer store and a little backyard track, Shaw's R/C Shop and Shaw's R/C Track have become the gathering place for the local R/C community. Ask anyone that's been there and they'll tell you that they love coming to race at Shaw's because of the family spirit at the track.

​The owner, Robert Shaw, puts his heart and soul into making the experience great for everyone in attendance and his passion and devotion can be seen through the constant improvements and additions to both the shop and the track. Many of the local racers - and some not-so-local racers - share his enthusiasm and show their appreciation by pitching in and helping out with track designs/rebuilds, as well as general improvements and additions to the track.

​As word got out and the local R/C community grew, the shop and inventory grew as well. Shaw's became a registered distributor with all the major R/C parts suppliers in the US and increased their inventory to include parts for every major brand of vehicle.

This continued expansion made the original space a tight fit, so they moved into a building of their own and opened it to the public on June 11th, 2016 . . . and the growth continued. What started as a retail space with a storage warehouse attached has become a retail space, repair shop, indoor Mini Z track, pit room, and occasional paint booth.

Our History in Pictures

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